Street Dance

syllabus logo***NEW FOR 2014*** UDO Street Dance Syllabus

United Dance Organisation aims to provide dancers of all ages, backgrounds and abilities a platform to positively display their creativity and love for Street Dance.

Emma Louise Dance Club is now offering the UDO Street Dance Syllabus in our Junior & Senior Street Dance classes. This syllabus has been developed by seven top industry professionals Lizzie Gough, Bly Richards, Mechanikool P (Alex Peters), Jimmy Williams, Lee Crowley, Calvin Francis & Mark 'Swarf' Calape  to enable dancers to gain accreditation, from a pre primary level through to a teaching level. It will introduce the foundations in all styles of street dance.


Benefits for dancers

Improve in all hip hop styles, and be rewarded for their hard work & dedication
Learn techniques & foundations of each style
Help dancers develop stronger technical disciplines along with the benefit of enhancing her/his performance abilities
Dancers will be challenged to reach for personal goals and attain their personal potential through hard work and determination
Give dancers the opportunity to be critiqued and evaluated by professional dance examiners
Use new skills to improve in competitions.
Nurtures positive competitive values.
Learn new routines in each style, taught by industry professionals
Build confidence levels
Collect all the certificates and pin badges
Track progress as a dancer


Find out more about UDO and the Professionals at

classes street dance 1Junior Street Dance (6-11 yrs) - Children attending this class will learn Warm Up & Set Dance Routines in Locking, Breakin, House & Hip Hop, Choregraphy & Cool Down set to music compiled by Glen Murphy AKA 'Pulse@ from BGT 'Twist & Pulse'. No previous dance experience is necessary. Junior Street Dance is for is for boys & girls aged 6-11 years old

Senior Street Dance (12+ yrs) - Children attending this class will learn more advanced Warm Up & Set Dance Routines in Locking, Breakin, House, Hip Hop Choreography & Poppin', Freestyle, New Choregraphy & Cool Down set to music compiled by Glen Murphy AKA 'Pulse@ from BGT 'Twist & Pulse'. No previous dance experience is necessary. Senior Street Dance is for boys & girls aged 12+.

Children taking Junior & Senior Street Dance must wear the Official Emma Louise Dance Club Uniform

When children are ready they will have the opportunity to take UDO Street Dance examinations evaluated by professional dance examiners

 Senior dancers can develop their dance teaching skills by volunteering to help in Junior Street Dance classes