Exploring Dance: Youth Arts Learning Journey

Emma Louise Barrass is delighted to be mentoring Kelly Whiteside for an exciting Youth Art Learning Journey through Fresh Start for the Arts and Dumfries & Galloway Arts Partnership. Over the next three months Kelly will be working on this inspirational project to develop her dance skills and experience the wider world of dance.

As part of the project Kelly will be recording her experiences in this blog. We hope you enjoy reading about Kelly's Learning Journey. 

Ballet to Ballroom

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Last Wednesday, I started my first ballet class with Emma. I decided to take the class because I was advised to by a couple of the teachers at Pineapple Dance studios. I actually enjoyed it more than I thought I would - it involves a lot more thought than the dancing that I'm used to. I did find some of the movements a little difficult and my muscles hurt too afterwards.

Thursday was week two of dance rehearsals for my show. I only had 8 but 3 of them were boys which is good because I was worried in case I wasn't going to get any boys at all. I finished teaching them the Thriller section of the Michael Jackson mix and I must say, they did really well considering it is quite a complex dance. This Thursday I hope to move onto Billie Jean!

As I want more people to be involved in my show, I performed a demonstration at the first year assembly at school. The headteacher told them all about it and I performed 'Pop' - a dance I choreographed almost a year ago now. I had a few come up to me and ask about it so hopefully I'll have a few more this Thursday.

On Sunday, there was a Dumfries and Galloway Dance and Movement Practitioners Network meeting. There was a ballroom dancing workshop afterwards with David and Lynn Walker which I was very excited about! My Granny and Grampa used to do ballroom dancing when they were younger so it is something I have always wanted to do since I was young but I've never had the opportunity. David and Lynn showed us several types of ballroom dances - it was really beautiful to watch. We then had a go at it ourselves and it isn't as easy as it looks! I enjoyed it and it's a shame that David and Lynn don't do classes down here as it is something I'd like to continue with.

Dancing in the famous Blackpool Tower Ballroom.

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