Frequently Asked Questions

What does ELDC stand for? Emma Louise Dance Club.

Where are your classes? We run classes in Stranraer, Newton Stewart, Whithorn & Isle of Whithorn. You can view our timetable on this website.

How old must children be to join Emma Louise Dance Club? Children must be 3 years old to join Emma Louise Dance Club.

Can we just turn up to a class? No, sorry we are not able to accommodate walk ins. You need to book in advance.

How do I register my child for Emma Louise Dance Club? Book a trial class through this website.

What is a trial class? A trial class is a taster lesson. It is an opportunity to meet us before you commit to becoming a ELDC member.

When is the best time for new pupils to start? When you book a trial class you will be given a date to attend ELDC. The best time to start is the first week of the new term.

How do I get on your waiting list? Book a trial class. We will let you know the date of your trial class by email.

What happens after the trial class? After your trial class you can go home and discuss joining Emma Louise Dance Club. Please contact us to let us know your decision. To complete registration with Emma Louise Dance Club parents/carers are asked to complete and return the membership form and pay membership and class fees within 7 days of your child’s trial dance class.

Do we need to re-enrol each term? No, once you have joined ELDC your child’s membership rolls over to the following term. There is no need to re book each term. Parents/carers only need to give notice to cancel membership.

Where can I find your terms & conditions, code of conduct and child protection policy & do I really need to read them? YES, parents/carers must read all the above documents. You agree to follow the terms & conditions and code of conduct when you sign your child’s membership form. You can find these important documents on this website and displayed on our notice board at your child’s class.

Can parents/carers watch the class & do we need to stay each week? Parents/carers are not allowed in the classroom. This is to help all children settle into the class quickly and allow all children to learn without any disruptions. Parents/carers can wait outside the class room during class time. It is helpful for parents/carers of young children (3-5 yr olds) to stay at the venue. Parents of older children (6 yrs +) can stay if they wish but do not need to. You can drop of and collect your child at the end of the lesson.

When do I receive the login details for the website? You can set up your customer account straight away. Once we have received your membership form & fees your account will be activated. We have to do this manually so please be patient. From here you can access Diary Dates, ELDC Shop, Uniform, ELDC Starlets, Exam and Show Information, Practice & Performance Tip and Gallery pages. You will be sent the login information by email.

How much are classes? Childrens classes - Trial class £2 | Class Fees £4 per class. Adult classes - Block Booking £30 | PAYG £5

Can we pay weekly & when do we pay? Fees are paid in termly blocks. The amount charged per term will vary depending on the number of weeks per term, how many clases your child attend per week and/or number of siblings attending ELDC. You will be sent an fee email with the amount due two weeks before the payment due date. You can then pay by bank transfer.

What happens if I’m late paying my fees? If you miss the payment due deadline you will be charged a £10 late fee when making your payment.

Do we get a refund if my child is absent or wants to leave before the end of term? No. Class fees are non-refundable. Once you start the term you are required to pay for the whole term regardless of how many classes are attended.

How do I cancel my child’s membership? We require written notice (email acceptable) 14 days before withdrawing a child from Emma Louise Dance Club otherwise the next term's membership and class fees will be charged. Text messages or messages sent through Facebook are not accepted as written notice to end membership. If you are considering leaving Emma Louise Dance Club please discuss your concerns with your teacher before giving notice to leave. 

What happens if my child is ill or injured? If your child is ill and off school please let us know. We always appreciate a quick message just to let us know if your child is going to be absent from class. If your child is injured but can attend school they should attend class too. They can still participate in the class even if they are not dancing. Children learn by watching and will be able to catch up on work missed quicker by coming to class.

Do you have a uniform? Yes, we have a uniform that we expect all pupils to wear. New pupils can wait a couple of weeks before purchasing the uniform to ensure children are enjoying their dance classes, 

Where do we get the uniform from? We sell everything you will need for your child’s uniform. You can order in class or order through the website shop. Please pay for your items when you place your order.

What uniform items should I buy first? Dance shoes and ELDC t-shirt

Can we exchange items if they don’t fit? Yes, providing you still have the original packaging.

I cannot find the shop on the website? The shop is in our members only area. Click on Login, enter your username and password carefully and click on the login button. From the members area page click on the Shop icon and this will take you to the shop pages.

How do we pay when ordering online? We accept payment through Stripe (preferred) or Paypal.

Do I need a Paypal account to pay online? No, you can pay through Paypal as a guest

What’s the Dance Box? You can donate outgrown uniform items, exchange items or borrow items from the box. If you are making an exchange or just borrowing an item for the class there is no charge. If you wish to take something from the box we ask for a small £2-£3 donation to go toward our costume fund.

How do we find out what’s going on at Emma Louise Dance Club? Read the notice board on display at our classes. Visit our website Like our Facebook page @EmmaLouiseDanceClub. Join our Closed Facebook Group (Members Only). You need to send a request through Facebook to join the group.

What do we need to inform Emma Louise Dance Club about? You need to let us know if your child will be absent from class, if you have new contact details, if your child wishes to change classes or to leave. 

Communication is Key We always appreciate your messages by phone, email or text. If you have any questions or queries please contact us. We are always happy to help. 

Office hours are Wednesday 10am-3pm & Thursday 10am-2pm

We will respond to your message during office hours.