Membership, Class Fees and Terms

Children's dance classes are paid for in termly blocks, in advance. A termly membership fee is charged for each child attending Emma Louise Dance Club. We offer a very competitive pricing system for our classes, including multiple class and sibling discounts. We do our best to keep our prices affordable, in fact, our class fees have remained the same since 2012!

Term Structure

ELDC has four terms per year

  • Term 1 - Autumn Term; August - October
  • Term 2 - Winter Term; October - December 
  • Term 3 - Spring Term; January - March/April
  • Term 4 - Summer Term; April - June

The number of weeks per term is approximately 7-12 weeks depending on when the school holidays fall.

Children's dance classes take place during the school term and stop in the school holidays. Classes stop for some bank holidays when schools are closed.

Term 3 - Spring Term 2019/2020

  • Monday classes start 20th Jan 2020
  • Tuesday classes start 21st Jan 2020
  • Wednesday classes start 22nd Jan 2020
  • Saturday classes start 25th Jan 2020

Term 2 - Performance and Presentation Classes  (Last week of term)

  • Monday classes - 30th March 2020
  • Tuesday classes - 31st March 2020
  • Wednesday classes - 1st April 2020
  • Saturday classes - 4th April 2020

Membership and Class Fees

  • £6.00 membership fee per term per child*
  • £3.50 per class (discounted for multiple classes/siblings)

Membership & Class Fees - Term 3 - Spring Term (10 weeks)

1 child - 1 class per week £41.00
1 child - 2 classes per week £66.00
1 child - 3 classes per week £91.00
2 siblings - 1 class per week £72.00  2 siblings - 2 classes per week £122.00
3 siblings - 1 class per week £103.00

Due by Saturday 25th January 2020.

Ways to Pay We accept payment by bank transfer and cash in class on the first week of term. We do not accept cheques and no longer accept payment for membership and class fees via Paypal.

New Pupils Trial dance classes are £2 per child, per class. This is paid in class when your child attends the trial dance class. After your trial class you will be send an email, informing you about membership and class fees. Membership and class fees are paid in cash in full at your child's next lesson (within 7 days of the trial class). Once you have completed enrollment you will have the option to make future payments via online banking.

*Children who joined ELDC before August 2012 are exempt from termly membership fee. Children who have left, then re-joined at a later date are required to pay the termly membership fee.*

ELDC Membership Benefits

There are many benefits to joining Emma Louise Dance Club

  • Membership certificate
  • International Dance Rewards programme
  • Enter ELDC medal tests (dance exams)
  • Take part in community events and biennial dance school shows
  • Join ELDC Starlets competition team
  • Early access to our popular Popdance Kids Holiday Camps
  • Rolling membership. Once your child has enrolled you are not required to re-book each term. Your child's space is secured until you give us notice to leave.
  • Access to ELDC Members Area on the website. Pages include diary dates, shop, ELDC Starlets page, uniform, exam & show information, practice & performance tips and gallery.  
  • Quality uniform at low prices. No postage & packaging fees as you collect in class saving you time and money.
  • Access to ELDC Members Closed Group on Facebook.

We look forward to welcoming you to Emma Louise Dance Club dance family.


International Dance Rewards Programme - All ELDC members have the opportunity to work towards International Dance Reward certificates and badges. This inovative scheme rewards each and every achievement along a child’s journey in dance without the need to sit a dance exam. Children are assessed by the dance teacher in class and rewarded with a certificate and badge once they have completed each level. IDR badges and certificates are presented to children in the end of term performance and presentation lesson. We feel the scheme is an exciting way to reward every dancer for dedication, performance and passion!