Emma Louise Dance Club Code of Conduct

ELDC Code of Conduct will help everyone to enjoy their time at Emma Louise Dance Club.

Respect Children must show respect to their teacher's and a friendly and supportive manner to their fellow dancers. We encourage children to be kind and helpful, say please and thank you, be a team player and always try their best.

Using bad language or answering back will not be tolerated and could result in instant dismissal from the class. Bullying, laughing at others, making nasty comments or showing prejudice will not be allowed and will result in children been dismissed from the class.

Uniform Children must be correctly dressed for all classes. Emma Louise Dance Club uniform must be worn in all dance classes. No jewellery, watches or fitbits to be worn in any class. Hair must be tied up neatly in a pony tail or bun for all classes.

Listening Listening is very important. When the teacher is speaking children must be quiet and listen. Children must put their hand up to ask a question. It is rude to call out when the teacher is speaking.

Equipment To avoid accidents and injuries children must not touch, sit on or play with any of the apparatus or other objects in the room. 

Speaking Out If children have a problem in the class they must speak to the teacher. We will be happy to listen to what they have to say.

  • Parents/carers are responsible for ensuring children are ready to start class suitably dressed at the specified time.
  • Children must wait outside the classroom until called by the teacher. Parents/carers must not interrupt the dance teacher once classes have started.
  • Teachers are only responsible for the children during their scheduled class times. Parental supervision of younger children will be required between classes.
  • Parents/carers can watch the trial class and performance and presentation class. The sooner there are no parents/carers in the class room the quicker the children will learn without any disruptions. Parents/carers can wait outside the class room during class time.
  • Children must never leave the premises unless a responsible adult there to collect them. Children are not allowed to leave without the teacher’s permission. Parents/carers must collect children at the specified time.
  • Please respect the rules, regulations and staff at the premises where classes are been held. Poor behaviour on the premises will not be tolerated and could result in dismissal from the Emma Louise Dance Club. Parents/carers and children must help to keep premises tidy by using the bins provided.

Toilet To avoid disrupting the lesson, children are encouraged to go to the toilet before class commences. Parents/carers must take younger children to the toilet before the class starts. During class time only one child at a time can leave the class to go to the toilet. Children must get permission to leave the class from the teacher.

Drinks Children may bring a drink to the class. Children will have opportunities to drink during the lesson. If children would like a drink, they should put their hand up and ask their teacher first. Children should not stop to have a drink anytime they feel like it. It may be inappropriate to stop at that moment during the lesson. Please make sure drinks are in a sealed bottle. Water or still fruit juice is recommended. Emma Louise Dance Club is not responsible for providing children with a drink if they have forgotten to bring one to class.

Food and Chewing Gum Children are not allowed to eat during class. Food should not be brought into the class room. Chewing gum is not allowed.

Mobile Phones Mobile phones must be kept in children’s bags during the dance class. They must be switched off or set to silent to avoid disrupting the class. Children should avoid looking at their phone during dance class as it is rude and can distract from the lesson. Parents/carers must also switch off or set their phone to silent when watching a class. Please leave the room to avoid disrupting the class if you need to answer a call.

Everyone attending Emma Louise Dance Club should be treated with dignity and respect at all times. We will not tolerate abusive behaviour or acts of harassment towards our teachers, verbal or otherwise. We will not tolerate physical abuse, intimidation, verbal abuse such as threats, swearing, personal abuse directed at our teachers, or offensive remarks. This includes written complaints from customers which are abusive, threatening or harassing.

Continual rule breaking by children and/or adults will not be tolerated and will result in dismissal from Emma Louise Dance Club.

Mrs Emma Louise Abel (Principal) [Updated 12th August 2018]