Practice and Performance Tips

Technique, Energy & Expression

The following practice and performance tips are to help you to improve your dance skills. These tips will help you to practice for your dance classes, end of term performance, medal test exams, shows, gala day performances, & just to improve your dance technique. Remember to ask your teacher if you have any questions. We are happy to help.

Practice Tips

How Much?

Try to practice 2 to 3 times a week for 15-30 minutes and you will improve your dance skills

Warm Up

Before you start dancing make sure that you have warmed up properly as performing certain movements before your muscles are properly ready can cause injury. You can do the warm up routines you learn in class. Warm up your joints (isolations), get your heart beating faster (warm up) and then stretch your muscles (stretches) slowly and carefully. Ask your teacher for more advice on warming up.


If you are going to be dancing for a long amount of time, it’s a good idea to take a bottle of water with you so that you do not get dehydrated.

Ask Your Teacher

Never be afraid to ask if you find you are having problems with any particular steps as we will be able to help you.

One At A Time

Perfecting steps can be difficult. To avoid frustration try concentrating on one individual step or movement per class. You don’t have to perfect everything at once. It takes time to perfect steps so be patient and eventually you will achieve your goals.

Goal Setting

Set yourself some achievable personal goals this is a good way to monitor your progress e.g. "In class/practice this week I will try to stretch my arms fully." "I will practise and improve my pirouette turns this week." Judge your progress by your goals and not by the achievements of those around you.

Cool Down

It is important to let your body cool properly after a workout, as this should help you to avoid having sore muscles the next day. Try some gentle stretches, slowly and carefully. Ask your teacher for more advice on how to cool down.

Performance Tips


Try and make sure you get a good night’s sleep before the day of the performance.

Be On Time

On the actual day, arrive at the venue in plenty of time so that you have lots of time to get ready and don’t feel rushed.

Imagine Your Dance

Try to imagine yourself dancing your routine really well. Sometimes it can help to think through your routine without actually having to get up and dance through it.

Don’t Worry About Mistakes

Don’t worry about it if you make a mistake during your routine. We all make mistakes try to carry on with confidence!

Enjoy Yourself

If you enjoy your performance the audience will enjoy the show too. The main thing is to enjoy yourself and know that you have done your best.

“You will only get out of a dance class what you bring to it. Learn by practice.” - Martha Graham

“The only way to do it is to do it.” - Merce Cunningham

"I do not try to dance better than anyone else. I only try to dance better than myself." - Mikhail Baryshnikov

“Dancing almost always turns out to be a good idea.” - Anne Lamott